• 45gr Salsa Pistachio
  • 30gr Round Pistachio
  • 45gr Salty Pistachio
  • 45gr Salted & Roasty Cashew Nut
  • 45gr Salty Pistachio
  • 45gr Saffron & Salt Pistachio
  • 45gr Salty Seed Kernels
  • 450gr MetalBox Pistachio
  • 85gr Salty Pistachio
  •  45gr Salty Almond
  • 450gr Gift Box Pistachio
  • 85gr Lemon & Salty Pistachio
  • 85gr Saffron & Salt Pistachio
  • 30gr Salted Peanut
  • 450gr Paper Gift Box Pistachio
  • 45gr Lemon & Salty Pistachio
  • 200gr EasyOpen Box Pistachio
  • 85gr Salsa Pistachio
  • 450gr Paper Gift Box Pistachio

About Us

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From the actual production of pistachio to the final preparation of the product, quality is guaranteed by the strength and structure of the Ajeen Khavar-mianeh (PISTEEJ) group, which nourishes and cultivates a great passion for pistachio every single day.

Thanks to careful involvement and efficient service in every step in raising pistachio along with 90 years of experience in pistachio industry and use of the latest technology from Italy, we have accomplished a very unique collection in producing and packaging of pistachio, nut, and etc.....

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